Frequently Asked Questions

If you happen to lose your key, we can make a new one without the original. Also, this may be less expensive than going to your car dealer. We will just need to know some details about the key in order to reproduce it.

The values of a good locksmith must be based on expertise, skill and quality service, while keeping a fair price for customers. There’s a lot of locksmiths that might scam you, so before hiring their services make sure the person responsible for your keys is a good professional.

The best alternative to a regular lock is a keypad lock. Before installing it, you must determine if it would fit your business or not and the type of lock you would install, depending on the number of codes needed and other variables.

Most people are able to figure out a lock installation by themselves, since new locks usually include instructions and hotlines to answer any possible questions or emergencies. The whole process shouldn’t take more than one hour.

Bar Locksmith has a team of certified professionals that will help you with any kind of lock you have. Our technicians have all the necessary skills to fix vault doors and open safes and locks.

If your lock is starting to fail, it might be because it’s too old. Anyway, if repaired by a professional, it could last longer. On the other hand, if your lock has been through a break-in, it’s always better to just replace it with a newer model so it doesn’t happen again, even if it’s still working.

This decision basically depends on the specific situation, vehicle and key type. You should first ask the dealership if you can get a new key with an automotive locksmith, and if that’s the case we will usually have better prices. On the other hand, if your car has a special type of key that requires specific programming, unfortunately you might need to have the dealership make the new key.

A high-security lock is a type of lock that will present more resistance when it’s being forced. It is not unbreakable, but its performance against lock-picking is much better than traditional locks.

Some common signs that mean someone has tried to open your lock are:

  • The lock doesn’t work the way it should
  • The lock and keyhole look damaged/scratched on the outside”

The basic kind of car keys are reproducible at most specialized key stores. On the other hand, there are kinds that are harder to copy such as the laser-cut or sidewinders, and the smart keys which are very difficult and expensive to reproduce.