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Is your boat as secure as it could be?

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We have all lost or misplaced our car keys, so it’s easy to understand that boat keys are no exception.


Just like our automotive vehicles are susceptible to lockouts, failed ignitions, or broken keys so are marine vesicles. But what do you do in the instance of a lockout or key failure? Or if you even want to make sure your vessel is as secure as it could be?

Now is a great time to start thinking about your vessel’s security as the summer comes to an end with less time on the water. One of the best ways to check on your boat’s security is to have a professional examine your locks and help you identify any weak points in the security of your boat. Here are a few ways to get your boat in good shape before you let it rest after this summer.

Boat locks

The majority of boat locks require frequent maintenance and repair. Long periods of time in the water expose them to many dangerous elements. For instance, the salty conditions accelerate the rusting process, weakening the locks. Corrosion occurs as a result of the water’s reaction with the gears and tumbler in the locks. It is very likely that your boat keys may stick in a corroded keyhole, and if you apply too little pressure, the locks could rapidly snap.

General Security Assessment

A boat is a costly investment that needs the right security measures in place to prevent unauthorized entry. Having a professional locksmith analyze your boat’s security features in addition to replacing your locks and keys is a great idea. Boat/yacht locksmiths can inspect the condition of your locks and make replacement recommendations for more durable, security-critical locks. At the dock for your yacht, you also have the option to install alarm systems, cameras, and motion detectors.

Boat Ignition

A locksmith can also help with problems relating to the ignition in addition to resolving all concerns with the keys on the doors of your boat or yacht. For instance, if the ignition key broke or became trapped a professional can properly remove or unjam the ignition so you can avoid further damage.

Key Replacement

Much like other key replacements, locksmiths can go in and provide you with a key replacement. Sometimes even without a key to reference. There are skilled technicians that can come to you and give you a new key so you won’t have to worry about being able to get in or start your boat.

Stay prepared this off-season and make sure your vessel is secured and safe. There are trained professionals like the ones at Bar Locksmith to go over the security of your boat and provide recommendations and consultations. Serving the San Diego market with top mobile locksmith services, they are prepared to come to you and help secure your boat or yacht.

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