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Security Systems & Ideas for Keeping Belongings Safe During the Holidays

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The winter holidays are a peak time for thieves! Break-ins are much more common on New Year’s Eve and throughout this period. Wintertime is perfect for burglaries, also because it gets dark much earlier. In addition to these aspects, people spend a lot of time with family, and friends or on vacation during the holidays. This results in a striking spike in burglaries during the holiday season.

Do you want to avoid such a problem and leave home peacefully during the holidays? In addition to providing quality hinges and locks, preferably installed by a professional locksmith, there are other features to consider. Find out from this article which are the best current security systems, but also the most useful ideas!

Home Security Systems and Ideas

Holidays are very popular with thieves. Both during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, twice as many burglaries are committed as compared to other days. Want to stay one step ahead of thieves? Read the following useful tips and put them into practice today!

1. Store expensive items very well

Just bought a new TV or laptop? When you leave, make sure they are not visible. I can imagine that you do not constantly put everything in a safe, but you have to be very careful about this aspect.

During the holidays this deserves extra attention! Put expensive items somewhere where they are not immediately visible, for example in the closet.

2. Use quality locks

Even if you’re just visiting the neighbors, it’s important to lock up your house properly. Provide safe locksmiths: Outdated locks can usually be opened very easily. Burglars know better than anyone how to pick a lock. Therefore, use only approved locks to prevent this, learn more about residential locksmith services here.

3. Provide good outdoor lighting

The Christmas season is the time for extra Christmas lights and outdoor lighting. Take advantage of this by properly lighting around your home. Also, provide motion sensor lights at the doors. Not only handy to see where you’re going but also to deter thieves.

Final thoughts

Now that the Holidays are approaching, it’s time to check if your home is sufficiently protected against a break-in. Light, the possible presence of people, and good locks are already very good deterrents. You can also prevent a thief from seeing all the expensive things perfectly prepared. With these tips, you won’t make it too easy for burglars during the holidays. To learn more about security systems and see if you are prepared, contact Bar Locksmith today.

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