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Are you planning to upgrade the locks at your home? Or are you looking for a reliable set that you can use in your office space? Since the beginning of the pandemic, authorities in several parts of the United States have reported an increase in house break-ins. As a result, the necessity for reliable house locks and business security products is essential. How do you choose the best door lock type for your house when there are so many options? Bar locksmith is here to help you with the list of the top best locks for your house or business.


The conventional deadbolt has been one of the most popular types of house locks for a long time. Some people also consider it to be one of the industry standards when it comes to house locks. The basic mechanism of conventional deadbolts is typically a single-cylinder design. A deadbolt lock can be opened using a key that is turned from the outside. There is also a thumb turn on the inside of the lock. If you live in a relatively peaceful neighborhood and would want to have added peace of mind, investing in a traditional deadbolt lock should be sufficient. It is straightforward and covers all the fundamentals.

Smart Locks

Smart door locks are available in a variety of styles. Some have remote control access, while others make use of voice command technologies. Smart locks that connect through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are also available. The most advantageous feature of these locks is their convenience. As they make use of a certain kind of technology, they normally do not need any manual locking. Some of the finest smart locks for the house may also be controlled through your smartphone. This enables you to open doors with a simple touch on your mobile.

Handle sets 

Do you want something that is both stylish and provides a reasonable amount of security? Then a handle set lock is a good option to consider. The handle on the outside is a unique feature of this item. It also has a twist knob or a keyed opening on the inside section, which completes the locking action. A deadbolt is used in place of a spring bolt to provide a better level of security. Even these handsets provide the same function as conventional doorknobs. They are aesthetically pleasing and add a touch of class to a room.

Push and paddle lock

Push paddle locks are fantastic and handy. Push padlocks are made out of metal bars that operate as a lever, and they are only found on one side of a door. Pushing in on the bar of a push paddle door is all that is required to open it. Because they allow waiters and bussers to effortlessly pass through doors without the use of their hands, these sorts of locks are a popular option for businesses like restaurants. They’re also good alternatives for public access doors because of their resilience.

 Electronic Locks with a Keypad

If a standard deadbolt isn’t your taste, you may opt for an electronic lock with a keypad as an option. There are several functions available with this sort of lock. There are no physical keys required. Instead, it employs a keypad, into which you must enter your password in order to unlock the door. As a result, you won’t have to worry about misplacing or losing any of your keys. When it comes to the password, you may customize it and give that to every member of the family. The same probably applies if you want to install electronic locks in your place of business. You may create unique passcodes and restrict access to them to authorized people. These may seem to be intimidating at first, but a qualified business locksmith as the Bar locksmith can assist you with the setup. These electronic locks are useful for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is that they do not need keys. To access a keypad lock, you only need to know the code that has been issued to you. When you need to modify the access privileges to your building, all you have to do is update the code, and the previous code will no longer function properly. The only disadvantage of keypad locks is that they are prohibitively costly in the short run. This will ultimately pay for itself many times over, thanks to the fact that you will never have to replace your keys again.

Fingerprint and retinal scan locks

There are several advantages to fingerprint door locks. For starters, they combine the highest levels of security and ease. Only a verified individual may get entry to the door using his or her registered fingerprints. This implies that robbers will think twice about breaking into your business, at the very least via the main door. When it comes to access, there is no need to utilize any keys. You also won’t have to enter any codes or passwords. To unlock the door, all you need is your fingerprint.

Chain locks are a good option

Chain locks are not meant to be used as the main lock in your house. However, they still perform excellently in terms of reinforcing your main lock. Chain locks depend on the primary locking assembly on the door, as well as a catch on the door frame, to secure the door. It performs a similar function to that of a barrel bolt. However, instead of a cylinder part, a chain is used to achieve the locking function. The advantage of chain locks is that they allow you to see who is on the other side of the door. It is possible to do so without having to open the door entirely. It also doesn’t allow enough room for the individual to enter.

Alternatively, you may utilize bars instead of a chain. This additional lock may be installed with simplicity by a reputable home locksmith such as the Bar locksmith.

Mortise Lock 

This is a conventional style of lock that combines the functions of a deadbolt with a doorknob. It is also one of the most popular choices for commercial properties and enterprises because of its design. Despite the fact that it has origins dating back to the 18th century, its complex pieces provide exceptional performance. Because of its dual device structure, this lock is among the toughest and most dependable available, contact us for easy installation/repair.

Electromagnetic Locks

If you own a commercial building and want to secure a lot of possible types of doors, an electromagnetic lock is a good option to consider. This sort of lock works by securing the door to the frame. It makes use of a combination of an electrically charged plate and a few magnets. Electromagnetic locks are most effective on outside glass doors, automated doors, swinging doors, and emergency exits.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

Are you searching for something that is comparable to deadbolt locks but is more flexible and simple to use? Give the cylindrical lever lock a try. It has a lever as the primary control. As a result of the amount of area the lever takes up, it is most effective on bigger doors. Despite the fact that it is not a popular choice for domestic usage, it is a solid choice for locking outside doors in small workplaces and big buildings.

Electric Strike Locks (also known as electric strike locks)

Last but not least, there is the electric strike lock. It is a form of lock that may also be used as a fail-safe mechanism. It locks the door and keeps it locked if there is a power outage. People inside, on the other hand, may open it by turning a doorknob. As for those on the outside, they will be unable to open the door. This lock is a popular option for locking doors in high-security settings because of its simplicity and reliability.

Panic exit bars

Panic exit bars are often found in situations where large groups of people must be able to escape quickly in the event of a tragedy or emergency. There’s no need for users to worry about twisting a doorknob; instead, they can just bump up against the escape bar to open the door.’ While these locks are somewhat secure when completely locked, they have a simple trigger mechanism when they are not engaged. Put another way. If you happen to lean up against an escape bar by accident, you may end up on your back.

Install the Best Commercial and Residential Locks

By making an investment in reliable house locks, you can put a stop to robbers’ attempts to break into your home while also protecting your assets. By selecting the appropriate locks, you’ll also want the services of a reputable locksmith to have them installed. You’ve arrived at the correct location. Make contact with the Bar locksmith now and tell us more about your lock-related difficulties. Bar Locksmiths can help you understand a variety of methods to protect your home and business. As a result of our extensive experience with commercial and residential locks, we can confidently say that we know all there is to know about them. It would be a privilege for us to install high-quality locks on your home or business.

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